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Fonó Folk Band

The Fonó Folk Band was founded in 1997 in Budapest. Its members are musicians from different regions of Hungary, and the Hungarian speaking regions of Slovakia and Ukraine.... »

Ferenczi György and the Rackajam

György Ferenczi has contributed to over 250 records, with his band Herfli Davidson and Rackajam has became famous across Europe. His music covering a period of 25 years is characterised by a fusion of country, blues, fu... »


The Makám Ensemble established itself as the godfather of Hungarian world music and at the same time has become a new member of this scene.... »

Szeret Band

The Szeret Band was founded by the exceptional ”prímás” Balázs Vizeli in 2008. Its members are the students and teachers of the folk music department at the Liszt Academy of Music.... »